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The University of Tennessee

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Tennessee's Protected Agriculture Program Website

A Window on Research, A Gateway to Information Providing Solutions and Supporting Quality in Tennessee

The Protected Agriculture Program at the University of Tennessee focuses on providing practical and reliable information to the growers, researchers, and governing bodies of the State of Tennessee. In a sincere effort to assist growers, the UT Protected Agriculture Program will work toward developing and supporting a strong, sustainable, and profitable fruit and vegetable production sector in greenhouses, high tunnels, and other horticultural structures through technical research and dissemination of information.

Protected Agriculture is just one aspect of a healthy, diverse horticultural industry, encompassing techniques and applications ranging from hydroponics to organic raised beds, from computer-controlled greenhouses to simple rain shelters. Through season extension, enhanced Integrated Pest Management techniques, and improved product quality, Protected Agriculture can increase production of high-value specialty crops for domestic and export markets while earning solid profits for growers throughout the State.